Zappi Ad Pulse

Zappi Ad Pulse is a digital advertising brand measurement solution that enables, in real-time, marketers and planners to determine the effectiveness of a campaign and optimize in-flight against brand metrics that matter - awareness, familiarity, consideration, and favorability.

Key Measures

  • Scaled Reach. Access to the world’s largest ad measurement suppliers.
  • Real-Time. Brand measurement starts as soon as pixels are placed and the campaign goes live.
  • Cost-Effective. Measure small and large campaigns cost-effectively.
  • Simple to Use. One metric to guide data-driven strategy and digital optimization.
  • Reporting. Data is displayed in one place with the ability to analyze each measure and filter the data using a number of variables. Filter on campaign objective or target measure and optimize spend.


  • Awareness: the percentage of consumers who are aware of your brand or product.
  • Familiarity: the degree to which a person is aware and knowledgeable of a brand or product.
  • Consideration: the percentage of consumer who would consider your brand or product for a given purchase occasion.
  • Favorability: the degree to which a consumer views a brand or product personality as being attractive and desirable.
  • ZappiScore: composite measure of the overall brand or product impact. Used primarily for optimization.

Four brand KPIs ( awareness, familiarity, consideration, and favorability) are collected in both groups, and the difference between the scores shows the impact of the ads. Finally, three weighting variables (brand usage, media consumption, and education status) are also collected in control and exposed to groups to ensure that both groups have an equal profile when comparing scores.

These metrics represent different stages of a consumer brand funnel from awareness of a brand to having a favored brand for purchase. Campaign objectives will relate to at least one of the KPIs in this consumer brand funnel, and therefore Zappi Ad Pulse is a proper measurement and optimization solution for all campaigns.

Additionally, we have created a one-number score:  The ZappiScore. It is comprised of all 4 KPIs equally and is designed to provide a standardized brand impact score for campaign optimization.

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