Managing shared resources

What are shared resources?

Shared Resources include all of the project configuration, analysis, and payment methods within an organisation that are accessible to a set number of users or user groups. These resources are ordered by date, from the most recent to the oldest modified.

Admins vs. power users

Admins manage all aspects of how other users can access surveys, payment methods, configurations, and analysis within a subdomain, as well as what they can share and how they can use these resources. Power users enjoy some of these benefits with a few limitations:

  • Admins: can view and manage all shared resources. To do so, they just need to click on your avatar in the bottom left, then select 'Users & Groups. 
  • Power users: can see all project analysis, but they will only be able to access project configurations and payment methods that have been shared with them by an admin.

Sharing projects: configuration and analysis

There are a few differences worth noting before sharing project configurations or sharing report analysis with other users: 

  • Sharing projects: when you share a project as an admin, this action will lead to sharing both the project's configuration and analysis if present.
  • Sharing analysis: when you share a report analysis on the reports platform, the sharing action won't include the project's configuration.
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