Platform subscriptions and credits

How can I start running research with Zappi? 

We have built the world’s most powerful automated consumer insights platform that provides actionable, quick, and smart data — so you can get the information you need to create something people love. 

You can get started with Zappi in just 4 steps:

  1. Select your subscription package
  2. Unlock access to the Zappi platform
  3. Get credits to run new studies
  4. Launch studies using the most advanced research solutions

What subscription packages does Zappi offer?

Your business can select from 3 subscription tiers that will offer different levels of access to the platform in terms of Zappi Solutions, Platform Capabilities, and Types of Strategic Guidance to get the right value from your research. These are:

  1. Starter: perfect for a small team of creators that want to do more agile research.
  2. Premium: perfect for large-scale use across your brand.
  3. Enterprise: perfect for global-scale use across categories or markets. It is designed to bring all the power and flexibility you need to get tailored insight.

Check our pricing and plans page to find out what’s included under each subscription package. If you have more questions, please make sure to contact us.

I have selected a subscription. How can I get credits to start testing?

When you get a Zappi subscription you will be offered to acquire credits upfront. These will be available for the duration of the subscription term.

Additionally, users will be able to set up different credit purchases associated with their domain.

What happens if I run out of credits?

Don’t you worry. You can always get add-on credits to keep launching new studies  — these will be available for the duration of the subscription term.

How can my team use the acquired credits?

Once logged in, you can choose to create a new study. After selecting the solution you'd like to run it with, a screen will pop up, prompting you to name the study and select a payment option. These will vary depending on the type of account you have at the moment, but here are all the available alternatives:

  • Credit card. You'll be asked to provide a credit card number to make your purchase.
  • Credits. This is taken from the balance amount that the account has already paid in advance as part of the subscription contract.

You also have the chance to review and make changes to your payment choice at checkout, before launching and paying for your study.

Where can I see my credit balance?

Click your avatar in the bottom left corner to open the menu, then select 'Plan & Credit.' From here, you'll be able to manage everything you need.

How can I transfer funds between credits?

Only a domain admin will be able to transfer funds between credit purchases. 

You can find a "Transfer funds" quick access in the upper right corner of the screen, or if you're transferring funds from a specific credit purchase to another, you can click instead on the three dots on the right side of the credit purchase listed to find that transfer option. Once clicked on, you'll face a screen asking you to determine from where you'd like to transfer funds and to which credit purchase, as well as the exact amount, as it appears below.

Note that the currency has to be the same on each of the credit purchases you are transferring funds from/to, as well as a same or lesser discount. You will not be able to move funds from a lower discounted subscription to a higher discounted subscription.

Can I share credits with individual users and user groups? 

Allocating funds easily is essential for a smooth study set-up experience. We want you to be able to replicate your organizational structure within the platform, and that includes your budget plans too. This is why we have added a sharing feature that will allow you to either share credits with specific users or user groups or set them public within the domain.

Access the share button by going to the “Admin” section on the top menu and clicking on “Credit”. Once there, click on the 3 dots next to "Balance", on the subscription you wish to share credits from, and hit "Share". A new screen will open, prompting you to determine the level of access you want your users or user groups to have: 

  • “View and Pay”: this will enable the person or group to see and pay with a subscription.
  • “View, Pay and Manage”: this allows the person or group to share a subscription with others.

You'll also be asked if you wish to share them with additional users or to add a note when communicating this share. 

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