Zappi Consulting

Who is Zappi Consulting?

Zappi consultants combine decades of experience in the insights industry with certification on the Zappi tools. Their experience includes everything from client-side insights creation, to leading insights teams and more. Their skills extend across multiple categories, such as fast-moving consumer goods, quick-serve restaurants, tech and everything in-between. Zappi Consulting is meant to merge Zappi’s platform with the best industry experts and experienced research professionals, so you can focus on being the strategic partner in your organization.

How can I use Zappi Consulting? 

Zappi’s consultants support customers around the world and are there for you when you need to:
● Unlock the long view from your data to find meaningful trends.
● Execute Zappi projects so neither you nor your team have to.
● Produce simple, nuanced and useful insight narratives.
● Generate a rich insight action plan that reflects your business needs.
If you want to build insights into your offering but don’t know where to start, then get in touch with us through the "contact us" button at the end of this page.

Process, timeline, and costs 

  1. Request a consultant: Send a note to your account manager asking about consulting, and they’ll get the process started. 
  2. Get paired with a consultant: We normally provide you with a consultant in 2 business days. This matching process might take longer for complex requests. 
    • For example, we would need extra time to find the right Zappi Expert in a secondary market (like Egypt) or for requests that involve extra language capabilities (such as Mandarin Chinese translations). If matching you with a consultant will take longer, we will communicate that to you from the start. 
  3. Evaluate cost: Rates start at*:
  • ScreenIt: $2500
  • Concept Test: $3500
  • Optimize Pack Test: $3500
  • Creative Video: $3500
*Consulting is available on all Zappi tools. Please ask your Customer Success Manager for pricing on all other tools not listed above.
Getting started
Contact your account team to learn how Zappi Consulting can partner with you.
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