Zappi consulting

Zappi’s innovative, award-winning platform meets the best industry experts and experienced research professionals so now you can focus on being the strategic partners in your organization.

Zappi Experts and how they can help

Zappi Experts are enthusiastic and experienced market researchers, available to help your team. They have industry experience and are specialists in research for product development and advertising. In addition, they are Zappi certified which means they know our tools from configuration to extracting meta learnings from your historical projects.

Zappi Experts provide real insight by focusing on practical outcomes resulting in strategies that are right for you and your brand. Whenever you need extra help, they'll be there to: 

  • Help you setting up projects
  • Analyze the data you’ve collected and provide data-based recommendations. Make the most out of your Zappi data to see the long view with meta-analysis
  • Use a smart lens on the data to extract the actionable insights
  • Support you transitioning your organization to an agile model

If you want to build insights into your offering but don’t know where to start, then get in touch with us through the "contact us" button below.

Process, timeline, and costs

  1. Pairing you with a Zappi expert. We normally have a Zappi Expert paired with you in one working day. This matching process might take longer for complex requests and less for more common ones.

    For example, we would need extra time to find the right Zappi Expert in a secondary market (like Egypt) or for requests that involve extra language capabilities (such as Urdu or Mandarin Chinese translations). In the case that your request does take longer to fulfill, we will communicate that to you from the start. 
  2. Evaluating costs. Once a Zappi Expert has been identified for your project and a project brief has been submitted, we will be able to give you an estimate for the project. Most projects are completed within a week of receiving the project brief.

    Our Zappi Consulting team will price your request once they receive the project brief with the details of the project to be completed:
    1. For simple tasks, such as configuring and launching a study on ScreenIt prices start at $600. 
    2. For more involved tasks such as custom analysis on Prioritize It, prices start from $1750.

So, how can I request a Zappi Expert?

You can request a consultant through your account team or make a request here.

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