The Hub

The article explains to users how to access and navigate the Hub. If you are looking for admin instructions for how to manage the Hub, see our admin-focused article.

What is the Hub?

It's the information you need, when and where you need it. Your Hub is only accessible by users in your organization with an admin, power user or user role. It can store and organize links that help you get your job done faster. Your team admin and your Zappi Customer Success Manager are able to link and manage what you see in the Hub. 

Your Customer Success Manager may link items like (not all or any may apply):

  • Playbooks: guides and how-tos for using your platform
  • Taxonomies: documentation describing the standard approach your organization takes to tagging
  • Recent business reviews: updates on your recent usage and opportunities to get more value

Your admin may choose to link items like (not all or any may apply):

  • Brand guidelines: reference material for the look, feel, and goals of the brand you're testing
  • Relevant business reports: previous studies or analyses that you can use as benchmarks 
  • Templates: report templates that are commonly used to share your analysis internally

How do I access the Hub?

Access the Hub on any platform screen by clicking on the help button ( ? symbol)  in the bottom lefthand corner and selecting 'Hub.' 

How do I use the Hub?

Once in the Hub, you can use the search bar at the top to find what you need quickly. You can also use advanced filters for related products or dates added. And finally, you can sort any column to view the list in the order you'd like.

If you are an admin and would like to learn how to upload and manage what's included in the Hub, see this admin-focused article.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for in the Hub?

If you'd like to see something included or updated in the Hub, ask your admin or Zappi Customer Success Manager to add it. If you are an admin and would like to learn how to upload and manage what's included in the Hub, see this article.

What if I have other questions about Zappi, its products, and platform, or consumer research more generally?

Explore Zappi's entire Knowledge Base where we add new articles weekly. You can start either on the main page or access it directly on the platform using the same Help menu in the lefthand corner that contains the Hub. Click on 'Knowledge Base' to bring up recommended articles or search for something specific, all without leaving the page you're on.
You can also open it easily in a new tab or browser window (see illustration below).

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