How to saber a champagne bottle

At Zappi, we take our customers' wins very seriously. We love to see successful products and campaigns launch, delighting consumers, and making your businesses stronger. 

When we hear a customer has won an award or gotten a promotion, we go nuts! In fact, it's a tradition for Julio Franco, our Chief Customer Officer, to show off his very special skill - sabering a bottle of bubbly - in celebration of our customers' many wins. He's grown tired of explaining how to do it over the years, so we've included this article so that you may toast your own rockstar status.

Post-video note: Julio confirmed that he recommends using a long knife, like the serrated bread knife you see in the video, but to use the dull, non-serrated side.

Safety note: If you are going to drink, please drink responsibly. If you are going to saber, please do it sober. Zappi is not responsible for any sabering that may come about as a result of viewing this article. Unless of course you nail it!

For written instructions, here's a handy guide.

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