What are Workspaces?

Think of Workspaces as a folder on your desktop that helps you organize all your work related to a project but only this time it’s on your Zappi platform. Workspaces, available to Premium (at an additional cost) and Enterprise customers, is a way to organize your Zappi platform by breaking out the different buying centers, regions or brands into separate work areas within the same domain. It is a feature providing the ability to customize products, default categories and survey inputs such as attributes, tags, and key messages by workspace. There is no limit to the number of workspaces a customer group can have. 

Workspaces will help you:

  • More easily access the insights that matter to you. Help you easily identify the best ads or innovations to benchmark against; Quickly view the most recent projects by buying center/region/brands and help in exploring themes for success.
  • Drive consistency and speed by increasing efficiency in pre-defining more of the survey content (ask about configuration defaults for tags, attributes, and more).
  • Organize, Customize & Standardize your projects.

Interested in setting up workspaces on your Zappi platform? Get in touch with your Customer Success Representative who will be happy to help you organize this and save a few extra clicks.

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