Correspondence Analysis

Correspondence Analysis is a visualization showing the relationship between an outcome measure (such as behavior change), a set of attributes, and specific ads or concepts. It offers all of the benefits of Key Driver Analysis, and also allows you to introduce another dimension to your data.

Correspondence analysis can tell you a number of different things:
  • How ads or concepts are similar
  • How attributes are similar
  • How closely attributes are associated with ads or concepts

The importance of attributes derived by the 'Key Drivers Analysis' (see above) is also overlaid on the map. This allows users to see both how related stimuli and attributes are and how important attributes are at driving a positive or negative outcome. Is not compatible with any custom questions.

Correspondence analysis can be run when three or more stimuli have been selected in the explore tab. Note, solutions that allow you to set your key messages require these to be consistent across all stimuli selected in order to be used.

How does it work:

The relationships between points on the map are loosely defined by the distance between them. Points closer together generally indicate a stronger relationship than those further apart. For example, two stimuli that are close together indicates that they are perceived similarly in respect to how they have performed given the attribute selected.

Correspondence Analysis is available in the following products:

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