Sharing configurations and results

Sharing your project

The Zappi platform allows you to share all the projects you have made or set them to private. 

Projects that are pending, in progress, and completed can all be shared. Filter what is available to your team by editing the permissions for each of them. Another valuable usage is to share a template with other users, by duplicating a project without stimuli. Learn more about duplicating projects.

When you share a project, you see which users or user groups already have access to it (third option in the image above). Edit these options to add or limit access at any time. You can only share projects with users on your domain — anyone else will need to be added as new users first. 

Once shared, the recipient will receive an email and a notification when they next log in. To view projects shared with you, un-toggle the ‘ Created by me’ option on the Projects page (found in the top right-hand corner). 

For more information and instruction on sharing check our walkthrough.

Sharing your results

You can also share the results of your study with other members of your team. Here's how:

1. Go to the "Projects" section from the top bar and click on "Analysis"

2. Select the product folder of the project you want to share

3. Click on the 3 dots that you'll find at the bottom of the project you want to share and select "Share"

5. Choose the User or Group that you want to share the project with

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