Previewing your questionnaire

Previewing your survey can be very useful at different stages of your project, helping you ensure that you're asking your respondents the right questions, and accessing all individual responses for analysis. There are several ways of previewing any survey on Zappi's platform:

Before starting a project

You can download a survey example from any of our product pages before configuring your project. Log into your Zappi account and go to Projects > New> Products page to see all of the tools available to you. On the Product tile, click the menu (three vertical dots) and select, "Info." Once on the Product's Info page, use the drop down on the right side to select the correct market/language. Your survey should download automatically once selected. On select solutions, you can also simply preview the survey on-screen by selecting the Questionnaire tab.

During configuration

Once your project has been configured, and you're at the last step of your configuration journey, you'll have the option of previewing your survey before launching it by clicking on the "preview" button, under the "Survey preview" section. This will generate a link where you'd be able to go through the questionnaire the same way a respondent would. Note that preview links can only be effectively shared with subdomain users, so if you'd wish to share it with a team member that doesn't have a login yet and/or is not part of the subdomain, ensure you use the "download" option instead.

To download your survey preview, just click on the "download" button instead. This action will download a PDF version of the survey. 

After a project is completed

1. Through the "Projects" tab. To download your completed survey through the projects tab, simply click on "Projects" on the top menu, and head over "Manage". The next screen will show you three types of projects, those that are pending, in progress, and the ones that have been completed recently. Find the former at the end of the page, and click on the three dots at the bottom of the tile to find the option "Download survey", as shown in the image below.

2. Through the "My Account" tab. Alternatively, you can go to "My Account" to view all the projects that have been run within your subdomain. You'll be able to spot which ones are still being configured and which ones are completed. You'll only be able to download your survey from a completed project (those with "delivered" status), by going to the three dots at the end of each row and clicking on "Download survey".

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