Zappi Creative Storyboard

Zappi Creative Storyboard is an early testing tool that will give you robust, deep, and efficient feedback to understand and hone your creative potential.

Key Measures

  • Get a robust read on key measures for advertising success, including Behavior Change, Overall Appeal, and Brand Linkage.
  • Capture scene-by-scene response, with qualitative open-end feedback to understand which parts resonate the most with your audience.
  • Make sure your messaging cuts through and creates the right emotional response.
  • Get a robust read in other additional diagnostics, including Story Recall, Relevance, Believability, Uniqueness, and Likes and Dislikes.

Note: With Creative Storyboard, we recommend using a comparative assessment of alternative routes due to the changing nature of storyboards across customers. 

Zappi Creative Storyboard Configuration Checklist:

  • Audience: Custom Audience or Zappi Audience selected (list of available Zappi Audiences can be found on the platform).
  • Stimulus (stimuli) format: For each storyboard, you can upload 2-10 scenes in total - and an average of 6 scenes is recommended. In the configuration you will need to order your scenes in the order you want to show to respondents - starting with the first scene.
  • Attributes: Include a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 (Answers to the question “Which of the following words or phrases do you associate closely with the ad you have just seen?”). 
    • Need inspiration? Here's a list of common attributes to explore. Note that you will need to provide translations for non-English markets.
  • Behavior Change: How will you fill in this sentence?:
    • "Based on everything you've seen, how likely would you be to [ACTION] the [NOUN]?"
  • Custom questions (optional): at an additional cost per question. You will need to provide translations for non-English markets. Questions can take the following forms: single-choice, multichoice, scale, open-ended or grid.
    • Possibility to upload an image for each custom question (optional).

Questionnaire flow and key metrics definitions

  • Intro and Storyboard Exposure: Respondents are welcomed to the survey, shown storyboard, and asked to click through each scene one-by-one. They are pre-warned that this is an idea for an ad and that they should try to envision what it will look like as a video.
  • Key takeout: Asked as an open-ended question:  Other than making you more or less interested in the product/service, what is the main thing that this ad is trying to tell you?
  • Overall appeal: Asked on an 11 point scale:  Overall, how much did you like the ad?
  • Emotions: Respondents are asked to select which emotions the ad made them feel, and how strongly (low, mid, or high intensity).
  • Brand linkage: Respondents rate how strongly they think the ad fits the brand.
  • Story comprehension: Respondents rate how strongly they’d be able to explain the story of the ad idea to another person.
  • Likes and dislikes: Respondents are asked to retell the story of the ad and record what they liked and disliked about it.
  • Messaging: A list of attributes is configured at setup, at this question respondents select which of the following words or phrases they associated most closely with the ad idea.
  • Key measures: Respondents rate the ad for uniqueness, relevancy, believability, and brand feeling (whether or not the ad changed the way they feel about the brand) on an 11 point scale.
  • Behavioral change: Asked on an 11 point scale, this question asks how likely respondents are to engage in an activity that is configurable by you. The activities available are: 
    • Purchase the product
    • Visit the brand's restaurant
    • Use the app
    • Visit the store
    • Consider the product
    • Visit the website
    • Use the brand
    • Donate to the organization
    • Consider the brand
    • Connect with the brand on social media
    • Download the product
    • Use the product
    • Purchase the brand
    • Watch the show
    • Subscribe to the brand
    • Read about the game
    • Play with the app
    • Follow the brand
  • Scene-by-scene rating: Respondents are asked to rate how appealing they find each scene, explain why.

Test your script ideas with Zappi Creative Storyboard

To test your script ideas, break your script into scenes and gather granular, high-quality feedback to improve your ads. To maximize the power of Creative Storyboard in an online environment, we recommend to:

  • Separate your script into 2-10 chunks (scenes or ad parts) so you can get the granular feedback for optimization.
  • Include images that best illustrate your text for consumers — preferably at a scene level.
  • Keep the text as short as possible & clearly point out actions, dialogues, or voiceovers.

Capture consistent learnings at a campaign level in just one platform

Zappi Creative Storyboard is part of an end-to-end suite of products that use a shared approach to measure advertising. Having a connected suite will allow Insights and Marketers to have a holistic understanding of their creative potential. You will be using consistent methodologies to measure, track, and report KPIs related to advertising success.

In particular, the outputs of Creative Storyboard speak the same language as the outputs of Creative Video. This way, you can keep track of your creative evolution from early idea to animatic or final execution.

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