What is the best tool for my product innovation stage?

No matter which stage of the product development journey you are in, we have the solution that will enable your organization to unlock fast and continuous iteration, with rigorous consumer insights.

Whether you're looking to sort your ideas, detect their early potential, shape their execution, or activate your product in the market, the guidelines below will point you in the right direction, so you can find out which product is the best fit for your business challenge.

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  1. Screen & Prioritize
  2. Optimize
  3. Activate

Innovation suite overview

1. Test your ideas early

Prioritize It
Rank your ideas easily and quickly Fast-track your best-ever ideas
Forced ranking of ideas, logos, claims with light diagnostics A sequential-monadic solution that uses a robust normative approach and gives strategic launch recommendations
Screen by appeal and get extra diagnostics such as uniqueness, behavior change, and likes and dislikes                                         
Get go-to-market advice based on trial and breakthrough potential  + additional diagnostics
Screen up to 30 items — and up to 80 items in the US and UK
Test up to 20 concepts in one single project

Once your concept has been tested with one of our early-stage testing solutions, it’s recommended to explore the optimization toolbox to better understand the ways in which you can maximize your ideas and turn them into winning innovation concepts or products. These solutions will help you shape your ideas by finding the right flavor, claim, pack, name, or positioning for your product.

2. Optimization toolbox: turn your ideas into great products

Optimize Rank
Optimize Reach
Concept Test
Optimize Pack
The Namer

Choose the best element to shape your concept
Combine elements to increase the impact of your idea
Identify and optimize your strongest ideas
Identify and optimize your winning packs with your shoppers
Select the name that best represents your new bet

Max Diff ranking to select the most impactful or other design elements (ideas variations, claims, ingredients, text-based assets such as claims, flavors, names, and more

TURF ranking to choose and combine the right items that will maximize your product reach (idea variations, claims, ingredients, packs)

Monadic test to gather plenty of diagnostics to optimize ideas - and detect the strongest ones
Monadic test to evaluate new pack ideas, identify your winners, and learn how to optimize them for in-shelf success Sequential naming tool that leverages consumers' system 1 and 2 responses to your names so you can identify the most compelling names for your product, brand, sub-brand, or variant
Rank stimuli from most to least appealing 
Get a fast visualization of the TURF combinations for your most appealing items
Understand the potential of your idea prioritizing KPIs for innovation success and diagnostics for optimization
Get a holistic pack evaluation for all the pack components, understand what drives your package performance and more
Robust name testing with KPIs for emotional resonance, spontaneous association, proposition fit, and brand values
Rank up to 50 text-based stimuli in one test
Upload up to 40 text-based stimuli in one test
Test  up to 5 concepts in one project

Test up to 5 packs in one project
Test 4-10 names in one project

3. Launch your product

Activate It M/A/R/C Rapid Results
Launch products that grow your brand Green-light the right concept in hours
A monadic solution that uses the freshest thinking in innovation to find the ideas that will drive true business impact (and make them even better) A monadic solution to validate your concepts to find those likely to activate consumers in-market
Ascertain the desirability of late-stage concepts using proven market metrics to measure your concept’s growth potential, and identify the size of your opportunity using a smart sample and audience profiling Measure concept potential based on the criteria consumers use to make decisions in-market, and use in-depth diagnostics to optimize your winners                                                                                                  
Test up to 5 concepts in one project Test up to 5 concepts in one project    

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