Zappi Creative Digital (legacy)

Important note:

Zappi's digital advertising product offering has improved! As part of the improvements, what was once a single product called Creative Digital has now been split into four products, each based on the type of stimuli you are testing (video or static) and in what context (on social platforms or not). 

If you or your organization have chosen to continue testing with the single legacy Creative Digital product, continue reading this article. If not, it's possible the legacy product is no longer available to you on your platform. If you would like to test in the new products or would simply like to learn more about them, please choose from the articles below based on the details of your study.

Zappi Creative Digital (legacy)

Assess potential for in-market success before spending on digital with the power to test your ads in-context. Zappi’s creative digital tool allows you to place your ads in a digital environment such as Facebook or Youtube to understand scenario-based performance.

Unlike competing tools, Zappi Creative Digital allows you to measure emotional reactions to your creatives, check messaging cut-through, get open-ended feedback on which areas consumers liked or disliked, and track viewers’ second-by-second responses to your video ads.

Benefit from Creative Digital’s dynamic benchmarking. Benchmark ads against predefined country or industry norms or, choose your own selection of ads and build custom benchmarks. This solution allows you to combine scores from different countries when expanding into new markets, as well as combine industries when moving into new, experimental categories.

Key Benefits

  • Faster and cheaper than the leading competitor
  • Facial recognition for visual attention measurement
  • Platform access for continued scalable learnings
  • Supports early and final-stage creative
  • Offers in-context testing with authentic YouTube and Facebook environments
  • Allows you to test content as well as ads
  • Includes more diagnostic measures- perfect for optimizing your ads before they go live
  • Can easily connect creative pre-testing to in-market digital measurement (Zappi Ad Pulse) on the same platform

Zappi Creative Digital Configuration Checklist

  • Stimulus: Video- MP4 or MOV, Max 20MB, Max 90 sec/ Static- JPEG or PNG
  • Mobile or desktop (must be one or the other). This option will field the study with either mobile or desktop respondents
  • If in context for Facebook and Youtube- Text: Short message that will appear in the post along with your stimulus
  • If in context for Facebook and Youtube- Brand/ Channel logo: JPEG or PNG, Square Image
    • Behavior Change: Select one from a list of options (see questionnaire for options). Answers the question “Based on everything you've seen and heard, how likely would you be to [ACTION] the [NOUN]?”
    • Attributes/Statements: Up to 20 in total (Answers to the question “Which of the following words or phrases do you associate closely with the ad you have just seen?”). You will have a list of attributes to choose from, which will be available for all non-English markets already translated. You can use your custom attributes which would need to be translated for non-English markets.
    • Key Messages: Enter the key messages for your stimulus, maximum of 4 (Answers to the question "How clearly does the ad communicate the following messages?").
    • Custom questions (optional): at an additional cost per question
      • Select between single-choice, multichoice, scale, open-ended, or grid
      • Possibility to upload an image for each custom question (optional)
      • For the non-English markets, please have questions and answer options ready in English and foreign languages

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get Facebook and YouTube-specific norms? Yes, you can get specific norms for Facebook and YouTube, as long as the database size permits it.
  2. Are norms available on behavioral measures? Yes, you are able to have a 'watched full ad' norm.
  3. If I can have norms on retention score (YouTube specific), is the performance linked to the video’s total length? At the moment, the performance is based on 'watched full ad', but we are investigating additional cuts on the data and databasing based on the length of the ad.
  4. What is the length of the EyeSquare exposure? The length of the EyeSquare exposure is 90 seconds.

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