Product, market & norm availability

If you want to see the market availability for all standard tools, we invite you to visit our Market Availability page.

How can I find Zappi’s product availability? 

If you want to know what market is for a single tool, you can do it on the platform. 

1. Log into your Zappi account, and on the homepage, navigate to 'View all solutions' to see all the solutions available to you.

2. On the Product tile you wish to use, click the menu (three vertical dots) and select, "Info." 

3. Once on the Product's Info page, use the drop down on the right side to find and select the market. Once selected, the list of available categories can be seen in the second dropdown. You may also be able to see norms availability as well (this is an option on limited products today).

If the market or category you are looking for is not showing in the drop-downs, you can reach out to us by using our bot, Astro, on the main page of the website or by heading to the “contact us” page. 

To do so, you will have to provide us with your market audience needs, so Zappi's activation team can check this for you within 2 days. Note that if you have the audience requirements ready, the process will be even quicker.

What norms are available?

Follow the instructions listed here.

The market I want can be activated: what is the timeline? 

This information will be provided to you by the Zappi activation team, once you’ve done the request via your Customer Success representative. We typically have a two-week turnaround time, however, it varies depending on the product and the market you are targeting. 

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