Insights Summaries

Insight summaries save time when writing up and interpreting charts. They offer a simple and efficient way to summarise reports and make informed decisions.


Turning on Insights Summaries

Head over to Analysis, navigate to and select a report as normal.

Note: Insights summaries are not yet available on all Solutions and reports. Please refer to the details below for availability information.

Click the toggle in the top right of the page to display the sidebar

From the sidebar, toggle on the insights summary option

Once turned on, the page will reload and the insight summary will be displayed in place of the chart's subtitle.

Solution and Report Availability

The availability for insight summaries is listed below.

Solution Report Sections Reports Available
Creative Video Overall summary All Yes
Creative Video All sections Verbatim and supporting reports Coming soon
All Solutions All sections All reports Coming soon

Understanding Summaries

Insight summaries are automatically generated by Zappi's AI. It determines successful or unsuccessful results based on key metrics and produces a short text summary of the results.

The summaries are contextualised to the report being viewed and will update as filters are applied.

Pro-tip: Review the summaries of insights to ensure that they accurately convey the intended meaning of your report.

Insight Summaries in Exports

When exporting to a Powerpoint or PDF, the summary will display on supported reports in place of the chart's subtitle. Click here for more details on exporting your charts.

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