Exporting your analysis

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Navigating to the Export page

On the Analysis page, select the solution and then the project(s) you wish to analyze. Afterward, click 'Export'.Navigate to the button which, when you hover over it, says "Export."

Once on the Export page, follow the instructions in the rest of the article depending on what you'd like the output to contain.

Exporting multiple charts

When you need all the info fast, exporting in bulk can help. The multi-download option lets you control the charts you need, and the format you export to. Simply remove any of the options you don't need from the list. Follow the step-by-step walkthrough below to learn what you can do on the export tab, which can be found on the left-hand bar of the reporting platform: 

Pro tip: bake-in consistency when you export multiple charts by applying the same filter to all of them. 

Say a stakeholder comes to you with a question about how an ad or product performs with 26-35-year-old females from the Mid West; these variables can be quickly applied to all charts, even if you haven’t had to explore that demographic before. All your norms can be applied to appropriate charts, should you need them. 

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Exporting multiple charts step-by-step:

1. Select what would you like to export for your analysis, that is charts or survey responses

2. Once you have selected your option, the screen will prompt you to either pick an export's format or to add your charts to a story. The formats available are: 

3. Select the charts you’d like to include in your export

4. Configure your charts by picking your translation and scale question preference, norms, and filters. If you wish to export a chart with a different configuration, you can do so by adding a new segment into this step.

5. Click on "export" at the bottom right to start your download. You’ll be notified when your charts are ready.

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Exporting survey responses

You can also choose to export all your survey responses in CSV, Excel, or SPSS format. This might be a good option to analyze verbatim responses with more granularity. 

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Exporting individual charts

Exporting individual charts can be done in each chart, and at any point while configuring the reporting. You can individualize the filtering or application of norms for each export and export each chart many times. 

The Export button for individual charts is found in the top right-hand corner.

All charts can be exported individually. Your options are:

Capture snapshot: Download an image of the chart – best for adding directly to decks, chats, or emails.

Copy to clipboard: Copy the chart’s data to your clipboard – best for pasting directly into a text editor or spreadsheet.
Excel: Export the chart’s data to Microsoft Excel – best for when analyzing with Excel’s tools and functions.
PDF: Export a PDF of the chart – best for printing or sharing in an easy-to-view format.
Powerpoint: Export the chart to Microsoft PowerPoint – best for including the chart as is in a PowerPoint presentation.
Editable Powerpoint: Export the chart to an editable Microsoft PowerPoint – best for making changes to the chart in a PowerPoint presentation.

Finding the download folder

Once logged in to the platform, click into “My Account” on the top right of the homepage. Then select “Downloads.” A list of all of your downloaded stim/projects will appear here.

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