Export Templates

Export slides from the platform in a branded format for your business by uploading a template to the platform. This is available to our Premium and Enterprise customers.

How to upload a template

To upload a template, click on your avatar in the bottom left, go to 'Settings,' then 'Libraries,' and select 'Export templates'. Click 'Create new template'. If you are not an admin, you will not see this option. Speak with an admin of your organization to see about becoming an admin user.

On the next screen, set which solution you would like the template to be used in and then upload your template file. If you need help getting started, there is an option there to download an example template to customize. 

You can set the heading fonts and colors and include any branding or iconography you'd like. However, note that all charts for this solution will export in this template, so it should be simple enough to suit any visual. Watch the following clip to follow along!

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