Logo Guidelines

What are the preferred logo image dimensions and file type?

The ideal logo size is 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall.

The image you upload as a header should be in JPG or PNG format. Animated GIFs are not supported by the platform.

The maximum file size, however, should be kept under 1MB, so keep that in mind when uploading an image.

If you upload a transparent PNG, please be aware that the background color for the logo container will be the primary color you set in the look & feel section. Alternatively, you can always upload a JPEG with the background color of your choice.

Best practices to optimize your logo

To create the perfect logo, we have established a set of guidelines for you to follow. Additionally, you can always download our logo example below, which includes safe zones.


Make sure you add padding around the logo (40px min)

✅  Do’s

❌  Dont’s

Don’t use white as the background

For better results, try to upload your logo as a transparent background (.PNG) or as a JPEG with a background color.

✅  Do’s

❌  Dont’s

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