Testing creatives: best practices

Testing video: What's the impact of the length on the test result?

We recommend that the length of the video you are testing reflects the actual length of the ad to be aired. TV ads are usually 20-60 seconds long, with a large portion of TV ads tested lasting 30 seconds. Digital ads are usually 6-60 seconds long on Facebook, and 6-90 seconds long on YouTube. 

Tone and voice-over: How much is “too much” and how little is “too little”?

The tone and pace of the voice-over should match the message of the ad. For example, use a serious tone when testing an ad that’s communicating a serious message; an informative tone for an instructive message; or employ humor for a funnier and more amusing one. 

The voice-over should tell the story of the ad in a conversational way. Thinking about the audience you’re targeting with your ad will help you with direction as well:  will the voice feel pleasant to them? Would a younger or an older voice work better for this demographic? Will a male or a female voice land the message better?

Script: How should the script be presented? 

There are no specific rules regarding the script for each frame, but we have some general recommendations we’ve seen working for brands. 

We suggest you to keep the following three elements in mind to succeed with your script: 

  1. Make it simple and be straightforward about your key message
  2. Avoid acronyms and technical terms that might confuse consumers
  3. Use your target audience language to make a connection with them 

Ideally, the script will be short enough to be read twice in the short time allotted during the test.

You can apply these recommendations when testing on the following products: 

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