Custom audiences

Some of our customers need a tailored approach and we're here to help 

Below are the details we collect in order to determine audience feasibility. If you aren’t sure about some of the answers, that’s ok — your account manager or customer success manager can assist you in further honing your target. But the more detail you can provide upfront, the smoother they can make your experience.

Please note that any audience is ideally above a 20% incidence rate when running on the Zappi platform. That means that it is a best practice for at least 20% of the general population to meet your screening criteria.

Audience criteria 

The following criteria are included and required to build your audience. They will eventually appear as screening questions in the questionnaire:

  • Geography. Specify what country your target population lives in.
  • Age range. Must be within 18 and 75 years of age. Specify the acceptable age ranges of the target, as well as if you require any quotas within the range.
  • Gender. Asked as a binary “Male” or “Female.” Specify if you require any quotas within the gender options (i.e. 70% female, 30% male).

Other screening criteria and filtering options for your audience

You may include 5 more questions in the questionnaire to further hone and understand your audience:

  • All 5 are asked as single or multi-select only.
  • A maximum of 2 of the 5 can be used to screen the audience — meaning that they will appear as screeners in the questionnaire following the geography, age range, and gender questions. 
  • The remainder of the 5 may be used to filter the results — meaning that while they can’t be used to determine who can and cannot take the survey, they can be used to understand nuances in your dataset during your analysis.


To focus on the screening criteria, include the fully allotted 2 screening questions and use the remaining 3 for filtering. If you prefer to focus on the flexibility to filter and cut your data, include only 1 of the 5 to screen and use the remaining 4 for filtering.

Guidance and examples for screening criteria and filtering options

1. Think about what sets this audience apart from the larger population. Maybe they're a "Past three months salty snack consumer," a "SUV owner," or a “Pet-owner”.

2. Think about how you might want to cut the data:

  • It can be useful to segment datasets by brand usage, frequency of purchase, current customers vs. non-customers, retailers visited, and others. 
  • If you are unsure, your account manager or customer success manager can help you decide based on Zappi’s experience with audiences in your category.

Because you may only use 2 of the 5 criteria to screen out respondents, determine what is most critical to defining the audience and use those as screening criteria. Criteria that would be better to make comparisons or segmentations on, should be reserved for filtering.


At Zappi, we typically recommend our customers survey as broad an acceptable audience as possible. Only asking questions to a narrow audience puts brands at risk of missing opportunities or pitfalls in populations just beyond their strictest customer base. If your audience request doesn't have a feasible incidence rate, your account manager or customer success manager will come back to you with a recommendation for how to build it so we can run it on the Zappi platform.

What's the estimated timeline?

The Zappi team will need 24-48 hours to build a custom audience for you. The building process looks like this: 

  1. You share with your Zappi customer success or account manager the outline of the audience, using the guidance above
  2. Our fulfillment team builds a first draft of the audience
  3. You receive the draft, with any changes (if required), for approval
  4. Once approved, we program the audience to your account

The fee for custom audiences is $1,000 /  £800 / 900€. 

Please note that any audience is ideally above a 20% incidence rate when running on the Zappi platform. 

At Zappi, we also offer standard audiencesThese are prebuilt audiences offered in many of our most popular categories for no additional cost. 

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