Account activation and log in

To join the Zappi platform you will need first to register for basic access to Zappi's core platform or get invited to your company's existing organization. If your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO) with Zappi and is a member of our Enterprise tier, you will then be able to use it to login in the future (jump to SSO section). Find all you need to know to activate your account and log in to the Zappi platform below.

How to join the Zappi platform

There are two ways to get onto the platform for the first time: 

  1. An admin user can invite users to register for their company's organization. The URL users will access to login will look something like ""
  2. Users can self-register to You will then have basic access to Zappi's core platform and limited offering. If your company is not already on Zappi, you can register using self-registration, otherwise contact your admin to invite you.

Joining with self-registration

  1. Go to, click on Login / Register in the top menu, and create your account and password

  2. You will then receive an email that prompts you to confirm your email address and login with your credentials. Welcome to Zappi!

Joining by invitation

If you are joining Zappi as a member of an existing organization, an admin user for your organization must invite you to join the company's private organization on the Zappi platform (this can also be done as a bulk invite with a downloadable template on our platform). 

Note: until this step is completed, registering for (above) only provides you basic access to the core Zappi platform. This means you will not be able to view or share projects with other users in your organization and will see limited features and launch options.

As the invited user, you will receive an email, prompting you to accept the invite and complete your registration for the organization. Once invited, your invite token stays valid for 60 days.

How does Single Sign On (SSO) work at Zappi? 

For Enterprise tier customers only

SSO on the Zappi platform is a service provider-initiated request in Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). This means that all users will need to register for the platform and be invited to the company's organization in order to gain access.

Using SSO means that after following the steps above, the next time users log into the platform they will be able to do it via SSO.

Getting the SSO process started

If SSO is an available feature of your Zappi account tier, there are a few details that your IT or TechOps team will need to exchange with us beforehand.

We would provide you with:

  • Audience URI
  • Assertion consumer endpoint/Recipient URL
  • Required user attributes by Service Provider

You would need to provide us with:

  • Identity Provider metadata
To start the process all you need to do is get in touch with your CS representative.

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