Getting started guide

Zappi's predefined consumer survey solutions make it easy for you to ask the right questions quickly and easily. Our platform prepares an automated report to digest your findings and act on the result. Come back to test each time and a consistent and comparable dataset will grow, increasing the value of your investment over time. Here's how to to get started.

Get started

1. Get a Zappi account. The way you self-register or get invited to Zappi will differ based on your subscription tier. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can register to try Zappi for free. This article goes into detail on registration and log-in.

2. From the homepage, select the area of research you're looking to explore, and then click to answer a few quick questions to determine your research approach.

3. Collect the materials on your pre-launch checklist. Every project will take a bit of prep to make sure the time spent in configuration is as easy and quick as possible. Consult the prelaunch checklist in your solution's article and collect what you need. Tip: when you opt to start the project and need to reference the checklist again, the article is accessible while on platform.

4. Select your audience. The first item on your checklist is to select your audience. Zappi has already defined best-fit audiences for many of our customer's most common needs - many of which you can tweak further before launch. Our subscription customers have the option to purchase a custom audience, which your Zappi representative will program and test before loading it into your account. Bear in mind the average timeline for this will be 1-2 business days once we've received your complete criteria.

5. Finish your configuration. After selecting your audience, continue through each configuration screen, using your checklist to fill out each section. On the second to last screen, you can review your configuration and test the survey that respondents will receive. You can also download a static version of the survey to save and share. Learn more here.

6. Get your Zappi subscription. Your business can select from 3 subscription tiers that will offer different levels of access to the platform. Choose from Starter, Premium, or Enterprise packages. With your subscription, you will be offered to acquire credits upfront. These will be available for the duration of the subscription term. Find out what's the right plan for you here.

7. Launch. On the last screen, you will have an option to pay with the credits associated with your domain. If you are not subscribed to Zappi you will be able to pay with a credit card. After you have selected your payment option, just click “Pay now and Launch Project". Click here if you want to learn more about our platform subscriptions and credits.

8. Track fieldwork. If you'd like to remain close to the fieldwork, you can monitor how many completes you have in your survey directly on your Zappi homepage. Our projects team will make sure your project is fielding smoothly, and that any in-field adjustments are made as needed. If you'd rather sit back and relax, you will receive an email to confirm payment, an email when fieldwork has begun, and finally an email when fieldwork has closed and your report is ready to view.

9. Drumroll please...see your results! Once your project has been completed, follow the link in your email to view the automated report. From there you can view the various metrics, save charts to a story as you go, customize with filters and different norm selections, and even dig into crosstabs and advanced analytics. Need to customize the look and feel? Use the export tab to download your results in the format you need offline. Visit our Reporting and Advanced Analytics articles to learn more.

Have more questions? Visit our New Users FAQ.

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