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This article is an FAQ on the audiences that Zappi offers on its core toolset. If you are looking for information on our Premium Tool categories and audiences (the Amplify Suite in Advertising, or Prioritize It and Activate It in Innovation), please see this article.

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When it comes to Zappi Audiences we knew that we wanted to standardize this process to ensure better results for our clients. In doing so, we were able to reduce average field time by 60%. 

How we approach audiences on Core Tools at Zappi

  1. Zappi Audiences are configured using preset measures, meaning best practice is maintained across your organization.
  2. For any respondent data held by the panel, we use this to auto-answer screening questions, reducing panel fatigue. 
  3. Direct API connections with each of our providers allow real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and adjustment of studies.
  4. Data is collected and semantically tagged, allowing easy filtering in reports, consistent norms, and cross-comparison. 

This approach has allowed us to focus on creating measurable success, enabling us to implement consistent data quality across different panels and sampling. 

Behavioral change solution

Part of why we implemented this strategy was to encourage the re-use of targeting criteria to generate comparable data so that we are able to use measures across categories and industries. 

We actively utilize screening questions such as demographics or timeline to limit the respondents, as well as key measures that let you compare a loyal consumer to someone who buys from your top competitors.

Targeting the right respondents

When it comes to your audience we want to be sure that you are hitting the right consumers for your research. Before we launch research our team will work with you to ensure we are targeting the right respondents and ensure that you are able to see your key measures across your research. Zappi Audiences will help you have a holistic view of your results by showing you category-specific consumers, users of your brand, and consumers of a competitor's brand

Are Zappi audiences representative? 

Yes, Zappi Audiences are representative of the online population of each country we offer, in terms of age, gender and region. This is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend you use Zappi audiences for your study (as well as saving time and money).  

Do they come with any extra cost?

No, all Zappi Standard Audiences are free to use and come with a free pre-exposure custom question

Where can I find the list of Zappi audiences?

The most complete details on all Zappi Audiences are visible in configuration. You can also browse an index of our available audiences here.

Where are the quotas displayed for Zappi audiences?

A tooltip next to each audience shows the breakdown in-platform, and when picking a different audience the quotas will show on the right-hand side in the preview.

How to select your audience

Custom audiences: what if I don’t see the audience I need?

If you need an audience that you don’t have access to the best thing to do is reach out to our customer team. You can do so through our Knowledge Base bot, or by submitting your request through the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.

How do custom audiences work at Zappi? 

Read much more in our Custom Audience article. Our custom audiences can be representative of the population, as long as you do not replace nationally representative quotas for quota-based screening criteria.

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