Zappi Amplify Digital

Zappi has taken the very best of existing legacy approaches and worked with leading global brands to develop a game-changing insight tool for testing Digital advertising. 

Zappi Amplify Digital, part of the Zappi Amplify Ad System, predicts how well your ads will deliver ROI, both via short-term sales and long-term brand equity. Insights are framed and communicated in a way that ensures they are easily understood by stakeholders at all levels of the business.

Consumer engagement is captured across a range of rational, emotional, and behavioural measurement, and communicated in a way that is easily digested by non-insights professionals.

Key Measures

The Zappi Amplify Digital framework is comprised of measures grouped into five key ROI-driver areas:

  • Reach: cut through the clutter, link to the brand, and build distinct memory structures
  • Resonance: engage and trigger an emotional response, and communicate key messages and category drivers
  • Response: increase brand purchase and appeal
  • Risk: avoid insensitivity and damaging virality
  • Return: deliver sales uplift and build brand equity

The reporting output focuses on a blend of behavioural and survey data, “Metrics that matter”, which ladder into two important KPIs:

  1. Creative Sales Impact: how likely is this ad to deliver ROI via short-term sales uplift?
  2. Creative Brand Impact: how likely is this ad to deliver ROI via long-term brand equity building?

Testing process

  1. Upload between 1-15 video ads per test
  2. 400 category-consumer respondents are exposed to each ad
  3. Results are provided in the context of the available norm (e.g. country-level, social media platform level)

Understanding the “Metrics that matter”

Reporting deliverables focus on the “Metrics that matter” to drive short-term “Creative Sales” and long-term “Creative Brand Impact”. Based on performance among these metrics, users are guided to the linked diagnostic sections of the report to better understand how they can improve their ads.

Configuration checklist

  • Videos: you can upload up to 15 videos in order, within the same country and category, each of which will generate a separate survey.
  • Ensure you add the following information about your stimuli:
    • Ad name
    • Brand information 
    • Presence of music and celebrities
    • Target Audience Profile
    • 2-20 brand/category attributes that you are looking to test that people might associate with your stimuli
    • 1-4 key messages for your stimuli
    • Brand competitive set images
    • For Facebook only:
      • Brand logo for post
      • Brand name to be used for post
      • Body text (which text in the post)
    • Tags
      • Tagging your stimuli allows you to categorize your content efficiently, as well as unlocking additional analytic capabilities
        • Standardized tags - taxonomy defined by your organization
        • Custom and smart tags
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