Multi-market reporting

One of the key benefits of the Zappi platform is how it uniformly asks questions of your customers for each stage in your research process, making it very simple to compare projects run on the same tool, audience, and in the same market (see footnote). However, how do you effectively compare metrics and spot trends on the same tool but when the projects were run in different markets?

Crosstabs and stories are two key features that can support you when creating your multi-market report on Zappi. Take the following steps to bring together a combined view of performance: 

  1. Identify the key metrics that you’d like to present across your project. For example, you've run pre-launch testing on advertising in Creative Video in three different markets. After understanding the outcome of your research in each market, you'd now like to look at the likelihood of purchasing your product from the ad across all markets. In this case, you'll focus your analysis on the Behavior Change question you configured as "Based on everything you've seen, how likely would you be to [purchase] the [product]?"
  2. Under Analysis, select the tool, and one of the projects/markets you'd like to analyze. Create a crosstab including your key metrics. See our Crosstabs article - the walkthrough may be particularly helpful.
  3. When you’re happy with your crosstab, save and add it to a story, and repeat for each project/market you'd like to compare. See our Stories article - again, the walkthrough may be most helpful.
  4. If there are any other key charts you would like to include, identify them and add them to your story for each market. 
  5. You will then have a story that contains a report combining the results for your markets. To consolidate a “total” view page, you can export your story and manipulate your results further offline. See our Exporting article.

Footnote: For basic cross-project analysis, simply go to your Analysis page, select the tool, and then select all the comparable projects to chart and analyze.

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