Crosstab Analysis

Zappi Crosstab allows you to summarise key scores from multiple projects quickly, with built-in tools for analysis and data visualization to allow for fast comparisons.

Crosstab will help you dive deeper into the results of specific research projects. When used in conjunction with Zappi’s cross-project analysis, through our Advanced Analytics tools, it is a powerful tool to uncover meta insights at scale across your library of projects. 

How do I use the crosstab? 

Zappi’s crosstab feature allows you to perform multivariate analysis on two or more variables at a time. It simplifies the process of extracting measures from the platform, filtered or split by attributes of interest. There are two types of objects you can filter: attributes and measures.  

To configure the crosstab, simply drag and drop one or more measures into the grid as either rows or columns. Likewise, drag and drop any attributes you’d like to investigate into columns or rows. 

Attributes can be nested so that measures can be seen in relation to one or more attributes. 

Zappi crosstab walkthrough

Do Zappi crosstab show significance testing?

Yes, you can sig test stimuli against each other; simply select your preferred measures to appear on the rows, and add stimulus to appear on the columns. For all Zappi monadic products you can also sig test against the norm. Sig testing is available for metrics that are Mean score based (not available for percentage driven metrics).

Want to know more? 

For more information on how Zappi Crosstab helps you analyze your data, check out the 15 things the Crosstab lets you do to your data!  

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