Advanced Analytics

So, what are advanced analytics? 

Advanced Analytics are a set of tools that allow for an in-depth analysis of your research, helping you become more predictive over time. These analytics simplify the process of extracting measures from the platform, filtered or split by attributes of interest on two or more variables. When looking at the results of your research projects you will be able to access the advanced analytics under the  x² symbol on the left navigation bar.

When using the advanced analytics tools you will gain access to metrics that help you understand the relationships between measures, attributes, concepts, and ads. You will be able to maximize value across all of your data, make comprehensive and normative comparisons, cross-project analysis, and lead in methodologies to answer all of your business questions.

Key measurements

The key measurements of the advanced analytics tools depend greatly on the tool you are using at the time. Below is a basic overview of the key metric each specific tool is aiming to answer:  

  • Autocoded Verbatimsaccesses and sorts open-ended responses fast. Automatically orders verbatims by theme into easy charts.
  • Key Drivers: unpacks which levers can be pulled in order to drive another measure.
  • Correspondence: visualizes the relationship between an outcome measure (such as behavior change), a set of attributes, and specific ads or concepts.
  • Content Theme Analysis: leverages Zappi’s tagging system and can be used to analyze all studies fielded through the platform in a ‘meta’ type of analysis.
  • Advanced Crosstab: generates visual charts on your crosstab by segmenting on tags, dates, and target groups. 
  • Audience: determines which subgroups your ads and concepts perform best in. 
  • Significance Matrix Testing: compares outcome measures at a significance of 90, 95, or 99%. 

Exploring your results

Under the Explore tab, you will find all concepts tested by your team to date. To start analyzing your results, select your concepts and go to charts on the left sidebar.

How do I create a custom slide show?

Zappi’s new reporting interface allows you to save key charts for your analysis into stories. Stories are a great way to capture and share interesting slides across different concepts, tools, or stats apps into a single view. 

How do I save charts? 

All Advanced Analytics charts can now be saved for future reference. The save button is located in the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner of the reporting page, as shown below. Keep the filters or save your progress to go back to it at a later date. 

Learn more about how to export individual charts and stories

What can or cannot be cross-compared?

Zappi’s reporting platform allows you to cross-analyze compatible concepts from different studies. The products that support cross-comparison are: 

For solutions supporting cross-project analysis, additional safeguards are in place with regards to the types of concepts that are compatible with cross-comparison. This is to preserve the validity of each methodology. Concepts tested in different countries will not be compatible with cross-analysis.

I don't want to cross-compare. How can I easily just look at one particular project?

To easily spot concepts from the same project, use the group by survey toggle on the Explore tab.

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