View and download stimuli from a finished study

Often you'd like to view or download the original stimuli from a finished study, either as a reminder of its exact contents or to share directly with a stakeholder. Here's how:

View your stimuli

Click on the options menu of a study tile on the Explore page and then select the “Download Stimuli” option. A new browser tab will open with the file contained for viewing. 

Download your stimuli

If your file is a video, click the options menu in the right, bottom corner of the video tab and select the "Download" option.

If your file is an image, right-click on the image and select "Save image as."


  • This is only available when the “Group by survey” toggle on the Explore page is set to “NO."

  • The feature is not available on text-based stimuli.
  • Any user that is able to see the stimuli (i.e., a team member to whom you've shared the study), is also able to download it.

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